How BuyBackTech Works

Trade in Your iPhone

1. see what your device is worth

Tell us a little bit about your phone and we’ll make an offer right away! We have a highest price guarantee & there are no obligations.

Get Free Shipping

2. Prepare your Device to sale

Shipping is 100% free. We’ll send you a prepaid shipping label via email. Simply print the label and place it on a box or padded envelope.

Get Paid Fast

3. Get paid

Once we receive your order, we will verify and test your device(s) within our current processing timeline which is (1-2 days). After that, it’s time for you to cash in!

BuybackTech offers the highest payouts

14-Day price locks, and speedy payments

Speedy Payment Options

Choose the payment method that works for you. We offer 4 convenient payment options. You can receive an online payment through PayPal, Cash App, Venmo or a direct transfer into your bank account!

Bank Transfer
Sell Your iPhone for the Most Cash

Cash In Your Old Devices Within Seconds

Sell Your iPhone for the Most Cash
Sell Your iPhone for the Most Cash
Sell Your iPhone for the Most Cash

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